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  • February 5, 2009
  • The column nobody liked

    Few people were happy with this week’s column on Oracle and Salesforce.  Usually the response leans to supporting whatever position I take but last week everyone found something to not like.

    In the piece I tried to compare Salesforce and Oracle as CRM companies and I said that Salesforce has great vision and that Oracle really understands sales and marketing.  What came back from Oracle partisans was, “Hey, we’ve got vision too!” and the Salesforce supporters said, “What? We don’t understand selling?” 


    At this point I’d like to change the subject.  How about them Red Sox?  Pitchers and catchers show up any day now, right?

    Maybe the premise was not good from the get-go.  If you’re going to write about how close you think two products are then where’s the story?  Journalism 101, I guess. 

    To be clear, those statements were not supposed to reduce either company to a single dimension.  They were an attempt to highlight a strength in each company.  And that is not the same as saying an ugly girl has a great personality.  Even a casual observer of this market can easily see that.

    I think I will stop now because I may have just inadvertently offended ugly girls.  See you next week.

    Published: 15 years ago

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