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  • April 23, 2012
  • Sugar Daddy Site Opens

    You can always find the moment when a trend goes south, the point when you know that smart money should be headed for the exits.  In TV they refer to it as jumping the shark.  It’s the point in the life of a series when there’s nothing left for the writers to write about and they start cannibalizing old material.  The term comes from the iconic 1970s show “Happy Days” which was about the 1950s.

    Ok.  So the thing that’s got me thinking about jumping the shark is a new web property so I guess this has something to do with social media though the concept is not exactly social in the conventional sense. is a new property where “beautiful people” match themselves up with “generous people.”  Want to travel but can’t afford it?  No problem, hook up with someone on the site.  Naturally you need to come to an, ahem, understanding about just what the quid pro quo might be.  And no this is not some sort of high end prostitution set up, because they say so.

    Miss T is the brainchild of that online dating entrepreneur, Brandon Wade.  I wonder if they teach a course in this kind of entrepreneurship at Stanford, Harvard or MIT.  At any rate, Wade cut his teeth starting up another site called which his press release refers to as a sugar daddy dating website.

    I got the PR in a story pitch because I am one of those influential types who write.  Oh joy!  Now I’ve done exactly what they hoped I would and I feel like I need a shower.  What an incredibly brash thing to do.

    Published: 12 years ago

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