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  • October 15, 2009
  • Key findings from Open World #1

    This is the first of several posts on Open World.  Too much stuff to put into one so this one concentrates on blurbs of key findings from the many goings on.  I will probably need to expand on many of these.

    First, flying Virgin America is like flying used to be.  Room for my knee caps is a plus, wi-fi, better food, uncrowded departure lounges, and security lines no cattle call for boarding.  My first time and I am spoiled.

    Why does Larry Ellison wait until Wednesday to give his keynote.  Some people are already on their ways home by that point and they miss the significant news.

    So many Oracle people walking around visibly tired by Wednesday as am I.  The sheer volume of news, presentations, briefings, meetings, demos and trying to digest it all is too much.  Tuesday night I was too tired to eat dinner.  Too tired?!  But I have pity on the Oracle people who keep a stiff upper lip and keep up this pace.  My prediction is few people in their offices on Monday.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a good speech, much less wooden in person, almost life-like.  Arnold really likes technology and if he could have gotten ten bucks for every time he used the word in his speech at OOW he could have balanced California’s budget.

    If Carley gets elected governor will Larry invite her to OOW?  Would she come?  Larry will own Sun by then and Carley ran HP.  Hmmm.

    OOW was a little cat and mouse game on the inside track.  Larry criticizing Cloud Computing at the Churchill Club followed by Marc Benioff walking into the lion’s den on Tuesday to extol its virtues and then Larry’s introduction of Fusion apps on Wednesday.

    Larry played cat and mouse with IBM too challenging Big Blue to a gun fight over benchmarks.  He offered a ten million dollar prize to anyone who could best his sparc server array. Pure chutzpa, the Sun deal isn’t even closed yet and Larry’s got a dog in the fight.  Is this the beginning of the Ellison prize?

    I am not a gear head but the gear introductions were impressive. Exadata 2 based on Sparc technology is twice as fast as version 1 which uses HP.  Version 1 was ONLY about 50 times (sic) faster than the fastest database servers on the planet.  Proof that Larry is slowing down LOL!

    Larry (finally) announced Fusion applications on Wednesday.  He made four major announcements – Fusion, Exadata 2, a sophisticated service and support automated system that would find problems and recommend fixes for all subscribing customers proactively and Oracle Enterprise Linux rules the known universe or some such thing.  More on those coming soon.

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