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  • January 27, 2015
  • The Blizzard of ’15 in Words and Picture

    End of a long day looking out a window with near zero visibility due to a raging blizzard. We’re home and safe. But scanning the New York Times, provides some unintended humor such as:

    “Massachusetts state officials used electronic signs on highways to speak to Boston drivers in their native language: ‘Wicked Big Storm Coming. Pahk Ya Cah!’”

    Yes, we really, really talk like that though we also freely sprinkle in expletives. Watching the Super Bowl with natives will be a real treat.


    “In the category of hell-freezes-over, Roger Carroll of The Telegraph of Nashua, in New Hampshire, sent out this Tweet: ‘Here’s how you know storm is serious: NH is closing liquor stores on Tuesday. #nhpolitics #hellfreezesover’”

    Years from now people will tell their grandchildren that the storm of ’15 was so bad that… . Young people will wonder why their iWatch17’s didn’t just dispense a drop of alcohol directly into the blood stream through a micro-pore in the skin.


    “Gov. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire told New England Cable News that she had closed state government, which she said was an ‘unusual event’ in hardy New Hampshire, because snow was coming down at four inches an hour and visibility was dangerously low. The governor did not order a travel ban, she said, because she did not want law enforcement officials distracted by having to enforce it. By and large, she said, residents were cooperating and staying at home.”

    In addition to being hardy, New Hampshire is notoriously tight-fisted—they would say frugal as only New Englanders can be. Leave it to them to think that a travel ban in a blizzard with snow falling at 4 inches per hour and 40+MPH winds would need enforcement and the expenditure of police budget dollars.



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