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  • May 18, 2011
  • Bucholtz Moves to CRM Outsiders

    Chris Bucholtz joins SugarCRM today as editor-in-chief of its semi-independent blog CRM Outsiders.  He replaces Martin Schneider who left to become Vice President of Marketing at Basho Technologies.

    Bucholtz is a solid technology writer and long time CRM commenter.  Chris has 17 years of experience as a technology journalist.  In 2007, he became the first editor of InsideCRM ) and followed that up by launching Forecasting Clouds in 2009.  Full disclosure, his end of year rankings of significant CRM blogs has always put the Beagle Research blog near the top of the heap (Paul Greenberg has the top spot, which should probably be retired.) for which I am grateful.

    Bucholtz brings a career of sanity to a part of the industry that can be fickle, changing with the proverbial winds.  We welcome this move and look forward to his continued steady influence.

    Published: 13 years ago

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