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  • August 27, 2014
  • Beagle Research’s WizKids 2014

    whizkids logo 2014Beagle Research Group today announced the winners of the company’s annual WizKids award for innovation in front office technology.  The 2014 winners include many conventional software vendors as well as companies that developed innovative cloud-based business applications and only later spun off their solutions for the general market.  This year’s WizKids include:

    BasicGov, provider of cloud based solutions for local and regional governments; Evariant, woth a solution that knits together healthcare providers, institutions, and patients to encourage wellness; GreatVines, offering sales solutions for the multi-tier beverage industry; Kenandy, a cloud-based ERP company; Orchestrate, provider of a process management system for handling complex financial business processes; Smarsh, provider of recordkeeping, compliance, and e-discovery solutions for corporate email archives; TD Ameritrade Institutional, which produces a management system for independent registered investment advisors (RIA’s); and Veeva, a provider of cloud-based solutions for life-sciences.

    “All of the companies honored build important business applications based on Salesforce1, the application development platform from and sell them through the AppExchange,” said managing principal Denis Pombriant.  “But the significance of these awards is really that all of these solutions were developed at least in part through, and are deployed on a single multi-tenant platform from a single vendor,,” he said.  “In a way, Salesforce is the ultimate WizKid, because they made all of this possible,” he concluded.

    The Award winning applications and their developers share the distinction that they have developed ground-breaking information management solutions for a disparate set of business processes. An eBook describing the award-winning applications is available HERE.

    About Beagle Research Group

    Beagle Research Group, LLC is an analyst, consulting and market research firm focused on emerging front office software companies.  Beagle Research investigates market trends and provides analysis and insight to vendors and buyers of front office computing solutions.  Our content is presented in articles, blogs posts and free downloadable reports at multiple locations across the Internet.  WizKids is a trademark of Beagle Research Group, LLC.

    Published: 9 years ago

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