A few years ago, when Oracle was busy buying companies for fill out its front office cloud […]

For Immediate Release April 2017 Denis Pombriant has won several awards in the CRM Writers’ Awards 2017 […]

They say it can take a product idea ten years from concept to mass-market appeal but that […]

A few years ago, fed up with the cattle call atmosphere, poor service, decrepit planes, inadequate room […]

“What’s the Value of a Like?” an article in the March-April issue of CRM, HBR, Harvard Business Review, […]

It’s mud season here in New England that time of year when everything merges into an amorphous […]

Since 2000 we’ve seen a parade of technologies including browser-based cloud computing, social media, mobile technology, workflow, […]

There’s a big difference between B2C and B2B analytics that no vendors seem to be addressing and […]