Mind Touch

  • December 9, 2013
  • Ok, it’s that time of year and you know what I’m talking about — CRM Idol voting!

    The judges and contestants have been toiling away since there were green leaves on the trees listening, watching, evaluating and replying all in the effort to find one hot new company that is the IT company of this fading year.  We’ve boiled it all down to five finalists from the strongest field of contestants we have ever had and now it’s your turn to judge.

    There are five videos, one from each finalist company.  The videos explain each company and the way they influence how business gets done.  Your job, should you decide to do it (And you will because you hate the idea that you’ve read this far and would otherwise waste some valuable time if you decided not to, and also because it’s the holidays and what else have I asked you to do this year?  Hmmm?) is to watch each video (they are about 4 minutes each) and vote for your favorite.  Then watch for the announcement of 2013’s CRM Idol between the holidays.

    Here are some links.

    There will be a place to view all the videos in one spot at both CRM Idol (http://www.crmidol.com).  Otherwise the individual URLs for the videos are:

    UserVoice: http://youtu.be/6Zz0Vxh1ljY

    NextPrinciples: http://youtu.be/MXwFXKGsvzs

    MindTouch: http://youtu.be/pANuM_L7aDM

    Cirrus Insight: http://youtu.be/Gvi9GeD_Bwk

    BlueCamroo: http://youtu.be/ibtIG4vjaH8


    Thank you too much! And happy holidays!

    Published: 9 years ago