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Social Networking and Communities

Reinvesting in the Customer

There are eight ways to address the customer and especially in these economic times a customer approach that uses several approaches will yield optimal results.  This paper looks at customer intimacy and operational excellence as major strategies and their underlying tactics.

Leveraging User Communities

Customer communities can tell you what products, messages, programs, and experiences they value most and that can lead to better strategies and profits.  but first you need to ask the right questions.  Modern approaches to building communities of interest drive the co-creation of value and make the process faster and far less expensive.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing finds its ‘A’ Game

Marketing has always been sophisticated but now we have the tools that the sophistication demands.  See how marketing and sales fit hand in glove to possibly drive you out of the recession.

Sales Process

Sales process innovation can play a big part in helping you climb out of the recession.  Sales process innovation is not hard and requires a lot less investment than innovating a product.  Read this in conjunction with Strategy and the Fat Smoker (a link is on the Home page).

Content Management

Content management is a business process that can improve the business processes it is associated with.  Sales, marketing, customer service and the partner channel all share benefits when information is available, accurate and available on-demand.

The Sales Web

Companies are building unique selling solutions from best-of-breed components in what we refer to as “sales webs.” The sales web is a perfect match for what has morphed from a sales process to a customer buying process.

Using Sales Compensation to Drive Strategy

A new Beagle Research white paper shows how many organizations are graduating compensation from tactical necessity to a strategic opportunity to motivate people and fine tune selling behavior.

SaaS and PaaS

What it is, commoditization, Cloud Computing

The Importance of a Platform

Delivering software as a service is no longer enough.  Platforms blur the difference between Saas and traditional solutions.  For the user that means increasing benefits and diminishing risks and costs.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Hardware improvements and Moore’s Law could always be counted on to drive business ahead.  With hardware developers facing the harsh reality that Moore’s Law will not go on indefinitely software, and especially software platforms look to fill in.  PaaS is important in its own right but it takes on greater significance in this light.

The New Garage

In 2004 we announced a bold vision that prefigured the rise of platform computing.  We got most of the details right and our vision is still evolving.  It’s hard to say if our vision influenced the evolution of Platform  as a Service but we like to think so.

Call Center

New Call Center Business Models

On-demand infrastructure has changed the way call centers work, and it is changing how and where call center agents do their jobs.  The implications on profit and loss can be huge and should not be underestimated.  Read this to get up to speed.

The First 90 Days

The first 90 days of agent employment in the call center are critical yet many call centers find that upwards of half their new hires leave within the agent training process.  New research into how to lower attrition in the first 90 days is the subject of this report.

The Call Center’s New Paradigm

On-demand call center technology enables a new business model for distributed call centers but agents still need to be hired, trained, communicated with, coached, and managed.  New software leverages the Internet to get all this done better, faster, and cheaper.

Green CRM

Sustainability and CRM

Energy costs will negatively affect company growth as high travel costs eat into margins.  Front office applications can mitigate the need for travel and facilitate meetings and smart energy consumption in the front office will play an important role in keeping vendors engaged with customers.  This paper examines ten application areas that need more investment.