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  • November 11, 2008
  • We have to stop (almost) meeting like this


    First, let me say that I love you all and I want to have your briefings.  But as a courtesy to moi would you mind calling to set them up?  

    You see, when many people email me (and many do) it gets confusing and people think that I save those dates and times that they ask about.  I don’t! It’s first come first served.  That’s why it’s impossible to schedule briefings by email–when you check with your boss to see if the time is ok and then get back to me, pufff! the time has been gobstered by someone else.

    So, get your boss to commit to some times and then call me for a meeting.  We’ll nail that sucker down and there won’t be an endless stream of emails that, towards the end resemble a conversation between married people:


    2 PM EST

    Ok, we’ll call you tomorrow.

    No! I thought we were talking about two weeks from now.

    Lemme check and get back.

    Ok, two weeks from tomorrow!

    No! That’s taken now.

    And on it goes.  Let’s use that 19th century technology and just get it done. OK?



    Published: 15 years ago

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