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  • April 9, 2010
  • The new, new force

    The new, new force

    If you attended the soiree in New York on Thursday you could be forgiven if you thought the company was done with announcements for a while but if you thought that you’d also be wrong.  Kendal Collins, Salesforce CMO, told me that there will be another announcement on April 27 in San Francisco and according to Collins, “This will be big.”  That in itself is not much news because it appears Salesforce only has trouble doing “small.”

    There is a bit more though.  For this event the company will be opening registration on its site in the next day or so and it will be leaking the name of the product that will be announced but no other details.  So look for “” as a new product on their site with no other defining formation.

    Looks like Salesforce has been bit by the Apple announcement bug.  It reminds me of the Geneva Convention but all we’re getting is name, no rank or serial number.

    If I had to guess, I would reason that CRM applications and the platform have seen quite a bit of attention in the last few months and the development side of the house might be needing some love.  I dunno, but I am thinking that the late April new, new force will have something to do with development.  Maybe Chatter for the development community?  Who knows?  There, I started a rumor.

    Published: 14 years ago

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