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  • November 4, 2013
  • The Call Center’s Social Renaissance

    Happy young businesswoman with headset isolated over white backgWith all of the attention that’s been lavished on social media and what I refer to as indirect channels, it might surprise you to know that the call center is still the go-to application that customers go to when they need service, but it is.  I call the other channels indirect because so often you can interact on them asynchronously, asking a question now and getting a reply sometime later.  For a lot of questions involving product use or customer experience that might be fine but when you’ve gotta know you’ve gotta know.  You know?

    This takes nothing away from the reality that the call center and the indirect channels are converging.  At the same time though, the call center is in for a facelift.  Generation 1.0 of the call center—on-premise, expensive to own and operate, hard to modify—will have to go away before we can expect the social merger.  That’s why the SaaS based call center is so interesting today.  It’s everything the premise-based analog is not, except for being paid for because its subscribed to.

    I’m doing a webinar on Wednesday with Five9, a company dedicated to the SaaS call center.  They’ve been around many years already and they’ve recently taken on new leadership and are going to town.  They’re good people too.  If you get a chance you can check out the details for the webinar on Wednesday afternoon right here.






    Published: 10 years ago

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