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  • September 27, 2017
  • The Age of Sustainability

    My new book, The Age of Sustainability, is now available as either a paperback or as an eBook at Amazon. The book covers disruptive innovation and long economic waves, called K-waves, and makes the somewhat surprising point that the Space Age led to the technological world we live in today and all that’s good and not so good. But it also suggests that, just as the Space Age was built on top of all of our prior learnings about manufacturing, technology, and science, the age we are embarking on, the age of sustainability, is right now being built on the shoulders of the Space Age. This is a hopeful book about possible solutions to the climate crisis and how to evaluate them. It’s also optimistic about how to fix the situation and the economic stimulation it can provide.

    The book is available today and the website that supports it and delves deeper into some of the ideas that the book presents will be live this week. I hope you’ll check it out when I post the link. Thanks for reading this.

    PS. I’m still in the CRM business, bigly…


    Published: 6 years ago

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