Insight and advice for front office computing.

We research and analyze innovations from established and emerging CRM companies and specialize in identifying trends that you can capitalize on to improve business results.  Our analysis is influenced by three primary sources — our market research, the thought leadership and research coming from leading business schools and our knowledge of the vendor and customer communities.  We apply our knowledge to marketplace demands to formulate advice about business needs for applications and services.

Market research

Beagle Research Group has an active research calendar in the major areas of the front office including sales, marketing and customer service and support.  We also conduct investigations into emerging areas such as social media, platforms and on-demand computing.  We generally publish synopses of our research in white papers and KeyFindings that are freely available on the Beagle Research Web site (

Advisory services

We leverage our market research along with thought leadership from other sources to provide our clients with insights and advice they need.  Advisory services can include one-on-one consulting, presentations to groups of managers and customized reporting to aid strategy formulation.


Beagle Research articles, papers, blog posts, webinars and speeches all leverage our research and analysis and deliver our insights to the market.

To learn more about our distinct research model and how it can help your business, contact us at, 781-297-0066 or