Over the summer the Business Roundtable (BR) released a new statement on what it views as the […]

The software development lifecycle has always reminded me of the proverb of the three blind people confronting […]

It has been my belief for several years that our industry is trending toward the formation of […]

  If you’re confused about loyalty programs, it’s understandable. The vast majority of loyalty programs in the […]

  So now Oracle is appealing the Pentagon $10 billion JEDI contract to provide cloud computing solutions, […]

  https://www.salesforce.com/company/news-press/press-releases/2019/08/192208-g/ Salesforce continues to grow albeit a little slower than in prior quarters, at least that’s […]

For decades a database application was what we called an app that collected data and regurgitated it […]

It’s occasionally useful to ask where customer service as a business process is going in addition to […]