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  • October 3, 2011
  • OOW Monday October 3, 2011 — Platform 1

    Note:  I am trying out something.  This is a short post that focuses on one point of Oracle OpenWorld.  Tweets are too short for this kind of post and I cannot think of a better way to deliver this information than through a short post.  So here it is.

    Last week I speculated about the emergence of an Oracle platform.  My reasoning was that all the pieces seemed to be in place.  It is a simple hypothesis that can be easily proved or not.  Last night Larry Ellison introduced — actually re-introduced — most of the infrastructure.  He also talked about the cloud and fault tolerance which are necessary parts.

    The new line of Sun based Exa-gear including Exadata storage and Exalogic compute servers have grown and improved over the last year and last night Ellison introduced Exalytics an analytics processing engine thingy.  It’s hard to get all the names and terms right so soon but that’s it.

    The important part of this post is that I think we have the foundation of the Oracle platform.  We need to know more about applications and tools but based on the sessions scheduled and the banners on the street I think we’re in for an interesting ride this week.

    Right now they’re demonstrating how to handle Big Data in big companies, another important part of the platform strategy.

    Published: 12 years ago

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