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  • October 9, 2009
  • Obama wins Peace Prize and I am slack jawed

    You know this is a CRM blog and I rarely, if ever, venture very far from CRM.  I tried having a blog for economics and for green technology but decided they were too dilutive of my efforts so I ended up writing and posting on other relevant sites.  But today’s news that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize literally left me slack jawed at 8:00 am when I turned on my computer and I have to comment on it.

    First some house keeping.  I am a left of left, Medicare for all, delete the nukes and go green Democrat.  Ok?

    This could be big — ya think?

    Too often the Nobel is given to reward lifetime achievement.  There’s nothing wrong with that but imagine how much more an individual might be able to accomplish with the Nobel’s wind in his or her sails?  The Nobel is supposed to be awarded for the accomplishments of the last year, which qualifies Obama (barely).  This is a close call, but like any close call, if it goes in your favor, are you gonna complain?

    Good on him, I say.  Now maybe we can get out of Afghanistan.

    Published: 15 years ago

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