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  • October 26, 2016
  • If you are reading this…

    Denis-PombriantIf you’re reading this, then thanks for coming to my site. FYI, this is not the only place to find my writing. Sure there are books like Solve for the Customer and You Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty (But You Can Earn It) but there are also magazines like CRM Magazine, and plenty of sites such as Enterprise Irregulars and CRM Buyer where my stuff is posted and published. Some but not all of that content gets put here too.

    Recently I’ve started posting at Diginomica too. I’m writing a bit longer there and the subject matter is a bit different. For example I have stories on K-wave economics and job growth here and hereAI, and the rapidly evolving medical software industry

    I hope you’ll have a look.



    Published: 7 years ago

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