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  • June 27, 2007
  • I didn’t blog this week

    Instead, I took the family on an annual camping trip to the outer reaches of Cape Cod.  North Truro is about as far as you can go on the Cape, after that it’s Provincetown and open water.  The seals that I see each morning on my beach walk think that’s fine as do the whales just off shore, but I like the dry land.  There’s a wonderful sense of calm out there, the trees are all about 20 feet tall and gnarly buffeted by sea winds and salt air year round and they make excellent buffers.  When the breeze comes in, it’s filtered by pine needles that make a nice wooshing sound as the branches sway.  It’s cool at night and a great place to sleep.

    Last year, in addition to the seals and the whales we chanced upon a tortoise laying eggs in the woods, just not the kind of thing you see at home.  There are also lots of birds to look at, species that rarely if ever make it to the feeder in the back yard and whose songs are wonderful.

    The land is rather fragile out there.  If you think about it, the Cape is just a big pile of rock and sand left behind when the last glacier moved through the area.  There’s little fresh water and the place resembles a desert or Baja California without the cactus, at least in the summer.  Winter rains have the ability to rearrange the landscape and there are homes in constant danger of falling into the sea when the next big one blows through.  It’s in part because the sand is coarse grained and doesn’t pack down hard, even by the water’s edge.  That makes it hard to walk and gives you some better appreciation for why Thoreau went to elaborate length to document his walk from Nauset (on the elbow) to Provincetown or P’town as the locals call it.

    I am not sure what fish were running while we were there since they all had the good sense to avoid my hooks and lures.  We came by our fish in the traditional way at a market in Wellfleet where it was fresh and succulent and cooked up very nicely on the grill back at camp.

    So there’s no CRM blog this week and chances are good that the holiday next week will prevent any serious thought about it again.  But be patient, I am not gone, just recharging the batteries.

    Published: 16 years ago

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