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  • November 2, 2005
  • Congrats to Gartner on “New” Award

    Think about this:

    When I was at Aberdeen Group, I  launched the What Works report and award as a way to identify the best CRM implementations of the prior year.  It was a pretty successful concept and we uncovered a lot of what was right with CRM at a time when every other analyst firm was playing a version of chicken little.  A year later Gartner came out with the CRM Excellence award. 

    Just a coincidence.

    Last year Beagle Research Group came out with the CRM WizKids report and award for innovation in CRM.  Just a few days ago, Gartner came out with their inaugural Gartner CRM Innovator Award. 

    What a small world.

    Published: 18 years ago

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