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  • January 14, 2013
  • We’re No. 2 (and happy about it)!

    crm-outsiders-badgeChris Bucholtz is a resident marketing ninja at Sugar CRM and to maintain his cred as a serious thinker about all things CRM, he maintains his own CRM blog, CRM Outsiders.

    Chris has done some amazing things in this world but one of my favorites is when he turns his blog on the bloggers, which is usually once a year.  He takes the time to rank us not with some quick and dirty stack ranking system but with his lengthy analysis of what each blog and blogger is about — strengths and weaknesses.  I am glad he takes himself out of the ratings or most of us would go down a peg.

    So this year’s rankings are out and no surprise, Papa Bear Paul Greenberg is at the top of the heap again.  He belongs there dammit!  If you carried as much water for CRM and Social as he has your blog would have that position too.  The guy is a FEENOM runs, throws, plays the field, hits for average and power, the whole package.

    It has been my pleasure to be behind Paul for many years in this ranking and to once again enjoy Chris’ analysis of my work.  There are many more heavy hitters in Chris’ list including buddies Esteban Kolsky, Jesus Hoyos, Brent Leary, Brian Vellmure, Mitch Lieberman and Michael Moaz.  What a group to be part of!  Check out the rankings here.


    Published: 11 years ago

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