Short Tale Award

  • February 29, 2012
  • Beagle Research Group is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Short Tale Awards for excellence in the use of short video in front office sales, marketing and service.

    Video is a superior medium for delivering complete information to customers, employees and partners.  In the hands of experts video can communicate far more effectively that other forms of media that businesses have relied on for many years.  Unlike, written documents that can take longer to absorb or slide presentations that can be cryptic, video combines visual, audio and even music to deliver a rich experience that is informationally complete.  This award shows that it does not take big budgets or expensive outside assistance to generate great video.  Most of these winning videos were developed in-house.

    Created in 2011, the Beagle Research Group Short Tale Award was designed to showcase some of the best efforts in short video created by front office software companies in the year just ended.  The awards process is open to companies of all sizes and entries are limited to five minutes or less.  Pleasee visit for the full report.

    The 2012 award winners include the following:



    Grand Prize—RightNow Technologies  “The Future of CX”
    Best Series (Multiple Videos On Same Subject)— Social Enterprise videos
    Best Sales Video— “NBC”
    Best Marketing Video— “Burberry’s”
    Best Customer Service Video— “Comcast”
    Best Use Of A Character—CRM Search “Amazing Mikey”
    Best Story Telling—RightNow Technologies “The Future of CX”
    Best Animation—CRM Search “Social CRM”
    Best Video Made Exclusively From Graphics—Oracle “What Do You See When You Look at a Cloud?”
    Best Video For Explaining A New Concept—Crowd Factory “CRM Idol Finalist Video”
    Best Video Under One Minute—Marketo “I’ll Have What He’s Having”
    Best Customer Testimonial—Brainshark “Brainshark: Con-way Customer Testimonial”
    Cutting Edge Award—Get Satisfaction “CRM Idol Finalist Video”
    Published: 12 years ago