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  • May 14, 2010
  • Salesforce planning June announcement

    Save the date. is planning an announcement in late June and the analyst and press communities have been notified that “Marc Benioff will be presenting and there will be news.”  (That last part sounds like a movie title to me.)  But as usual, the company is being mum about what the news will be.

    The hints I’ve seen are interesting and surprising.  The interesting part is that in all likelihood there will be new chatter about Chatter.  Salesforce does very good marketing blocking and tackling using the rule of threes — announce something, deliver it and then tell us what you delivered just to remind us.  For Chatter we’ve been through the first two phases with the announcement last month that the beta is going well.  So in June look for the company to announce end of beta, general availability and a bumper crop of customers with stories to tell.  Maybe there’ll be a Chatter partnership announcement.

    Or not.  Salesforce is also very good at doing the unexpected.  So what we know for sure is June 22.

    Now for the surprising part.  The announcement event will be in San Jose not San Francisco.  With San Jose being the center of a lot of programming prowess and home to some major tech players, I get the feeling that the event could be more about VMForce or something else related to the platform than Chatter.  Or maybe they just needed a bigger hall?  It’s at the San Jose Convention Center.

    So this is where things get a little squirrely.  I have no guidance on this and the best I can do is guess and that guess wouldn’t be worth much.  On the other hand, Salesforce tends to have a reason to assemble the press and analyst corps about once per quarter and I think they only did a small thing in Q1 so it’s nice to see them back on schedule.  More importantly, other vendors are stepping up their marketing and outreach and that’s another sure sign that the recession is loosening its grip.

    Well, that’s what I know; Salesforce is announcing something in San Jose in June.

    Published: 14 years ago

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