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  • January 7, 2011
  • Salesforce buys dimdim

    It’s a deal more for insiders to take note of in a sense.  Salesforce bought dimdim, a web meeting service/provider yesterday for $31 million.  The number seems small in light of Salesforce’s last buy in which it plunked down $212 million for Ruby on Rails application developer, Heroku, but of course it’s all in what you are getting.

    Heroku is on its way to being its own force and in the Salesforce lexicon a force is a pillar of the business, a major product line, like ketchup is to Heinz or Pupon is to Grey.  Whatever.

    It looks like dimdim will be folded into Chatter to provide additional meeting functionality for the collaboration service.  That makes sense if Salesforce wants to expand Chatter’s reach beyond the internals of a company to enable vendor-customer collaboration.  As a matter of fact, having meeting capability would potentially benefit any Chatter customer that has more than one building or operates in multiple time zones.

    Nonetheless it’s a smallish deal for Salesforce, which brings it’s late 2010 shopping spree to a pause now that the company has used about half the cash it had on hand.  Nothing wrong with spending your cash, that’s what it is for.  Spend your cash and reinvest in the company.  Just make sure the investment pays off.

    Published: 13 years ago

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