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  • December 20, 2011
  • Rypple Scores One for the Platform

    Because studentforce is 100% declarative any changes to the platform are changes to studentforce.
    Got an email from Ed Schlesinger CEO of, a application for the higher education market.  Ed’s a big believer in the platform and his email reminded me of why the platform is so important.  I quote it here complete.
    “So, below is a quote from an eWeek article published today.  When reading it take replace employee with student and now Rypple works for faculty reviewing student performance ; peer reviews, etc.
    “Rypple is a tried and true social performance management specialist. The startup makes an employee goal-setting application that provides employees feedback about how they’re performing in their positions. The software is used by Facebook, Gilt Groupe, Mozilla and Rackspace, among its hundreds of customers”.
    One of the things we don’t think about enough, I believe is how important an addition like Rypple potentially is to the ecosystem.  Of course the cost is to be determined but it could be simply rolled into the Salesforce offering as so many other things have been making the platform bigger and more appealing.
    Thanks Ed.
    Published: 12 years ago

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