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  • April 11, 2019
  • Privacy Project

    The New York Times has launched the Privacy Project, a dialog with us readers about technology and privacy that delves into issues like GDPR and the loss of rights to privacy that are direct results of the later parts of the tech boom. Greedy tech companies, hostile state actors, governments trying to get an upper hand to protect their citizens–it’s all grist for their mill.

    You can find the launching article here and if you look right now there are several Op-Eds aimed at the subject including Kara Swisher writing on whether we need to become active and take back some of what we’ve lost.

    A look at how the industry has changed by observing Google’s evolution.

    A look at capitalism and privacy. And Where to draw the line.

    This ought to be in the wheelhouse of anyone who reads my stuff. So, I urge you to follow the links and, best of all, offer your input on all of this. You are intelligent and technology oriented and there are no people better able to add clarity to the discussion than you. The Times wants to hear from exactly you and they’ll use your input for future reporting. So go for it!







    Published: 5 years ago

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