We should start discussing what’s beyond CRM. I chose the word beyond advisedly. CRM is far, far […]

Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfesson started writing about the impact of AI and machine learning (ML) almost […]

Adam Smith famously referred to “the invisible hand” of the free market in his landmark book “The […]

Salesforce announced today that it had finalized its acquisition of MuleSoft a company specializing in software integration. […]

Ok, this is kind of long. Go get a cup of coffee. Amid the anxiety and revelations […]

The multiple issues/scandals/problems facing companies in Silicon Valley could drive you to ask if the wheels falling […]

Sales people and their managers should be celebrating the economic gains of the last few years but […]

I was a guest on the Gillmor Gang last Friday hosted by Steve Gillmor and available for […]