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  • July 8, 2010
  • NetSuite, Zuora tie the knot

    NetSuite and Zuora announced a partnership today that should be good for all parties, including customers.  The companies agreed to a partnership that provides Zuora’s billing and payment system integrated with NetSuite’s billing system.

    At least initially, the combined offering will be made to NetSuite customers that provide subscription services, such as software companies working in the SaaS market.

    Zuora is already a partner and this latest alliance builds momentum for Zuora as it claims primacy for its metering, billing and payments solution in what it is calling the “subscription economy”.  NetSuite offers a SaaS-based financials and ERP package augmented by CRM and eCommerce.

    There are many good reasons for client companies to adopt this combination especially given the flexibility it offers them not only for billing but for innovation.  Companies that can manage their billing costs through products like Zuora will have a competitive edge when they innovate new products with low monthly fees.  Costly billing processes especially with costly mistakes can easily eat up slim margins and for this reason alone, subscription companies are turning to Zuora.

    Published: 14 years ago

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