I’m always looking for emerging trends at Dreamforce, the kinds of things that are hiding in plain […]

As a former sales and marketing guy I am more than familiar with spreadsheets as a not-so-good […]

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, the booths on the Dreamforce show floor were […]

eGain is touting a new report from Forrester Consulting and my friend Ian Jacobs purporting to show […]

You might ask what the difference is between personalization and authenticity in CRM and the answer is […]

American tech companies are having their troubles in Europe again; this time, it’s Google’s turn. According to […]

Linus Pauling winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry (vitamin C) and Peace (no nukes) once said […]

In a sure sign of the times, Google announced its new holding company, Alphabet, today. Alphabet will […]

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